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When the Spirit Overpowers the Mind

About 10 days ago, most of our Sahaja Online meditation instructors were together at a very unique place. This is one of the very few places in this world where it feels timeless, priceless and exhilarating all the time. Usually, the mind-body-soul struggles work only one way. The busy mind loses touch with the soul and spirituality. The wants of the body then drag the mind and soul further away from subtlety.


But this was one place where things work in reverse. First, the material needs become irrelevant, and after that, the disturbing thoughts and emotions go quiet to give rise to endless joy and positive energy. The attention moves from the mundane to a very subtle and higher state of existence.


And quite effortlessly at that – that’s what is almost magical about the place.

by Sahaja Online

Are You A Reader or A Practitioner of Spirituality?

The history and legacy of spiritual philosophers in this world are tremendous. Over the ages, all of them spoke about spirituality and offered revolutionary insights about it. Accordingly, human civilization was able to achieve newer breakthroughs.


Where are we today in terms of our awareness and practice of spirituality?


Are we still mostly reading and interpreting spiritual concepts, or have we reached a point where we’re actualizing spirituality in our lives?

by Sahaja Online

Understanding Your Purpose in Life

We have all asked the question about the purpose of our lives. Sometimes, we ponder about the purpose of human life in general. At other times, we’re curious about the purpose of our own life as an individual and what we were born to achieve.


The pursuit of spirituality sometimes appears to have a strong connection with it, but that is only the means to an end. What after all is that end goal?

by Sahaja Online

Developing a Spiritual Identity

We live in a world where we’re constrained by all sorts of identities and associations that limit our potential and freedom. While our job titles, political dispositions, club, and group affiliations may provide a way of organizing our lives and establishing order in it, these end up defining who we are, shaping our views and how we lead our lives. Instead, shouldn’t we have that control of molding ourselves and our lifestyle the way we want?


And then a time comes when we are subject to polarized alignments and statuses of our existence because of our choices and for our convenience. Someone is an Online shopper, a “power user” or something. Another is a Republican but centrist and not liberal. Yet another is a “yogi” and even a “meditator”. The problem is that we collect all these labels all the time based on what we do, what we believe in or even what others think we do. Yet, none of these can really define the outcomes we want to achieve in our lives.


What we’ve all been missing is that the only way to enjoy life to the fullest extent is to de-identify and dissociate ourselves from all these bindings by finding a superior form of existence. Knowing, feeling and living by the guidance of our innermost being helps realize the full potential and meaning of our lives.


We still retain our other affiliations or associations, but we control them to the extent they contribute to the outcomes we want in life.

by Shankar Ramani

Prayer vs Meditation

Prayer vs Meditation? They’re more similar than we realize. Do you want to know the difference between prayer and meditation? For most people, the two are the same or at least similar. Nearly everyone realizes that both are ways to connect to a higher power or consciousness.


But in Sahaja meditation, we’re clear about how they’re different. More importantly, how to tangibly achieve and experience the results of both.

by Sahaja Online