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From New York to Shanghai in 39 Minutes

Earlier today, I was reading an exciting article on superfast space travel that is predicted to become an alternative for flight travel greater than 10 hours. According to this rocket can be used for commuting between two destinations on the earth, like New York and Shanghai. And the trip can be made in 39 minutes! Apparently, this type of travel is going to become a $20B market by 2030. Here’s the interesting article.


And so, while all the news was exciting, the key question that always comes up in my mind is: with so much saving of time in the mundane activities in our lives, what do we really do with the freed up time? Where does one redirect the attention that is now at our disposal?

by Shankar Ramani

Meditation Tips for Workplace Success

At Sahaja Online, we strive to make the lives of people easier, purposeful and valuable by telling them about how meditation can help in as many aspects of their lives as possible.


A couple of weeks ago, in one of my online sessions, I decided to cover how meditation can help in workplace success. Meditation is like a centerpiece of a spiritual person, it helps build our personality and develop skills in whatever we do or think about in our waking time.


The time spent at the higher state of consciousness grants us the power to examine and improve the time we spend at the next lower level of our consciousness, which is our regular state of awareness when we’re awake. And nothing compounds like the benefits of meditation in the long term, it builds a strong and balanced personality within us capable of achieving positive outcomes in every facet of our life.


And our workplace or career is no exception to this rule.

by Shankar Ramani

Meditation Can Help Teenagers in a Big Way

A brand new study conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that teens rate Anxiety and Depression as the top problem amongst their peers. And this plays right into what we offer and talk about all the time – meditation, whose core and gateway benefits are indeed stress, anxiety and depression relief.


But in our view, the solutions for teens are a bit more nuanced. Can we get teens to meditate? Even before that, how do we establish credibility and a positive rapport with them as a member of the family so we’re talking at the same wavelength that they can understand? How do we show them that we care and can help them out?


Something as profound as Sahaja meditation has many answers in achieving a holistic and workable solution to their problems.


by Sahaja Online

Transforming Life Using Your Attention

Perhaps you have started your meditative journey with us already. Perhaps you have even established a meditation routine, with regular morning and evening meditation. It’s great if you have managed to establish your personal morning and evening meditation schedule, and if you have not done so we warmly encourage you to try, for these are the main building blocks of your personal and spiritual growth. Establishing and maintaining a schedule of regular meditation is what allows us to keep our inner state in check, to maintain balance and to reconnect to the source of energy every time we sit down to meditate, this is what keeps our batteries charged.


However, you may be wondering: can we remain connected, even after we have finished our “formal” morning meditation? Can we go about our day without getting “unplugged” from the source? Can we optimise our system to save energy, so that our batteries do no completely drain in-between our meditation sessions? Can we quick-charge our batteries in the middle of the day, while we are working, studying, running errands, or taking care of any number of commitments that we have?


The answer to all these questions is “yes”, and the key is our attention. We will introduce you to several techniques of training our attention and maintaining it throughout the day, in our new Lunchtime Meditation series starting in March.


by Sahaja Online

Tips for a Deep and Surreal Meditation Experience

It happens to me all the time. In fact, if I’m not careful, it probably will happen in every session that I sit down to meditate. It goes something like this.


I sit down to meditate. I’m hit with a lot of thoughts from the past or the future. I’m more conscious of something else coming up right after meditation, and so my attention doesn’t go deep enough. More than this, my attitude is somewhat superficial, nonchalant and casual – as though meditation is a daily chore and I have the typical “Let’s get this over with” feeling inside me.


Result? I barely touch even the basic benefits of meditation and worse, I end up spending 15 to 20 minutes pretending that I’ve completed my daily meditation.


With experience, I learned how to do the exact opposite – get a meaningful, profound and surreal experience out of my daily meditation by focusing on a few essential things.


by Shankar Ramani