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The Fight for Continuous Self-Improvement

Time never stops for anyone. We get old all the time though we may only focus on reversing our aging or arresting the deterioration of our health at certain times in our lives.


Things get dirty all the time by default. But we only do cleaning intermittently, not all the time. Things are in constant motion in this universe. Human beings can either rise up in the upward spiral of improvement or when we do nothing, go down this same spiral. Nothing is stationary or constant.


There is a constant negative and impeding force working against our self-improvement. If we do nothing to improve ourselves, our higher pursuits in life simply degenerate. What’s a resilient strategy to ensure we keep going up the evolutionary spiral and improving continuously? We have some answers based on our experience as meditators.

by Sahaja Online

When the Spirit Overpowers the Mind

About 10 days ago, most of our Sahaja Online meditation instructors were together at a very unique place. This is one of the very few places in this world where it feels timeless, priceless and exhilarating all the time. Usually, the mind-body-soul struggles work only one way. The busy mind loses touch with the soul and spirituality. The wants of the body then drag the mind and soul further away from subtlety.


But this was one place where things work in reverse. First, the material needs become irrelevant, and after that, the disturbing thoughts and emotions go quiet to give rise to endless joy and positive energy. The attention moves from the mundane to a very subtle and higher state of existence.


And quite effortlessly at that – that’s what is almost magical about the place.

by Sahaja Online

Who is the Best Life Coach You Can Get?

Earlier this week, someone called me to market life coaching services. I’m a big believer in learning and the use of coaching, and not knowing what coaching this involved, I decided to lead them on, showing a lot of interest.


“This coaching will transform your beliefs, actions and ultimately your life,” the rep said. Then he spent about an hour collecting some information from me and trying to carve out inferences out of the information I gave to him.


He gave some references from an earlier coaching program I had attended and someone who I respect a lot. And the conversation continued until I discovered a valuable lesson about Life Coaching and how to get the best out of it.

by Shankar Ramani

Is The World Around You Stressing You Out?

A new Pew Research Center survey conducted in March this year found that a majority of Americans expect a weaker economy, a flawed political system and a general deterioration in the environment by 2050. The news cycles coming out are often stressful, negative and disparaging. We’re being bombarded by an ever-increasing stream of media reports, deceptive advertising and social distractions.  And all this is over and above our day-to-day responsibilities that we cannot do without. Retreating to the Himalayas or a cave isn’t an option; in fact, it never was a real one though many tried it for their spiritual development.


What are some special methods meditators need and use to survive this onslaught on our attention?


Let us find out.

by Sahaja Online

Behind the Rise of Meditation Technology

In the midst of today’s wellness industry boom, developers over in Silicon Valley are taking advantage of the fact that 18 million Americans now regularly meditate and are continually looking for ways to improve their practice. It only seems natural that the tech industry would latch on to such a popular practice, as it parallels the growth of mobile technology all over the country. In fact, software development experts at Maryville University explain how mobile innovations continue to dominate the tech landscape, with apps and gadgets cementing their place as an indispensable part of daily life. Through a variety of wellness apps and new devices being introduced today, more people are able to enjoy the benefits of incorporating meditation into their routines.

by X Babineaux